Hood 1.0

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Presenting a new free tool for your iPhone - coded entirely today in past 8 hours. :) The thing is called Hood, and it will add a quickly accessible panel to your iPhone that allows you to toggle AirPort, Bluetooth, kill active application and monitor the memory usage in real time.

To activate, just swipe the finger across the status bar (that's where the carrier name, time, and various status icons are displayed):

Hood 1.0
Hood is available now in Installer.app, category Utilities. Don't forget to restart SpringBoard after the installation to activate it. Thanks to Thrasos Varnava  (Cyprus) for the icons which were used as a base for the buttons. Enjoy!


Man you rock.. in 8 hours!!!! God!!!!!!

Keep up

Fans from Greece!

SBSettings is way better! It has a dock, brightness and SSH toggles, and the ability to respring, reboot, power down, and lock. In addition, it has a great theming innovation implemented into it, with over 20 themes (from Cydia).

Danny: perhaps. But there are people who don't want to install 30+ Mb of UN*X crap just to get Cydia on their phone (me being one of them).

As for the features... we'll add more eventually, it's only 1.0. But I don't want to overbloat it and make it do everything on earth. :)

This is just a crap copy SBSettings. BigBoss is Much better than you guys!!!
I prefer my 30 MB of what you call "UNIX crap" instead of that horrible, buggy installer.

That is supposed to be 'optimized' for 2.1, but breaks it every time I update anything. This happens on all 3 of our iPod touches.

okay and why should we use this over the existing sbsettings which this looks to rip off of?

LMAO @ sjdvda! True!

First of all, guys thanks for making another good app for iPhone.

Secondly, @sdjava: please don't discourage any developer if you can't even create a single line of code as you seem to be useless from the way you talk. It might be a copy of that app but please don't discourage the developer to make free apps atleast. He's not just putting his own icon in it and coding himself. Also, it has an extra addition to show the memory usage :D

can the ability of turning on/off 3G be added too ?

Hi there. this is the kind of app what i was looking for! it is open source?

Does not work on software 2.2

please stop copying BigBoss :(

This application seems to be very similar to BigBoss' SBSettings ...


Personally I'd rather have the "UN*X crap" that's going to end up needed for dependencies later anyway. Oh, wait...won't have that problem with Installer because you can't get it to work to download the software in the first place! Great way to eliminate the need for software dependencies. holmes.ea18@gmail.com

"Thanks for the email address. I just signed you up for some porn and penis enlargement mailing lists"

Seriously, this really is a complete rip-off. I agree with sayam, that developers should not be discouraged. However, etiquette (and, hopefully, conscience) dictate that you should get the original developer's permission to "leverage" their work and should also credit them. In the open source community, using is not the same as stealing. This, however, is stealing. Is this site RipDev or RipOff?

Tried it in my 2.2 iPhone and it has some issues.

1. I tried uninstalling the app via Installer and it's still there, even after several attempts of install, uninstall, reboot, respring, etc.

2. The application seems to have two interfaces, the first just like the screen grab above, and the other allowing more options, including themes, a dock and which toggles are displayed, along with other options. Sometimes these interfaces overlap. Very confusing, but the principle is good.

Please disregard the previous message.

SBSettings was not completely removed and it interacted with Hood.

I seriously think this is an awesome app. Too bad it won't work for 2.2 (at least for me) =[ i mean, true, the Bigboss version might be better and i MIGHT prefer Cydia, but this is great cause of the convenience factor, and also since you coded it in 8 hours. =] so kudos to you. well, keep up the good work! and for all you people who says it's crap, i dare you to code a better app in 8 hours.

I'm using 2.2 and it works. I had to reboot to activate it, though. Respringing didn't do it.

iPhone 3G 2.2 FW

sounds like i want download it...........i rule

No offense, but this is just a rip-off of SBSettings, and you could tell it was coded in 8 hours.

Ok guys. What are you thinking? How getto is that? That is like taking some suger water, putting purple food coloring in it and calling it grape Koolaid. I think you guys should hold off on releasing crap to keep up, and work on some of the other things that need to be completely reworked. eg. Kate, Installer, and for gods sake give up on the Pusher thing. Do you guys even realize how many great apps depend on the system partition? Why would you even consider blocking access to Cydia? You had a good run, but people are forgetting it very quickly with apps like this. Give us something original maybe!!!!

U guys, the devlopers, need to work together, not fight. Our job is to make the iPhone more fun and kind of battle Apple.
There are a lot of things I like about both Cydia and Installer. And we should just look to eachother for ideas and help.
Stop acting like little kids.

"I don't want to overbloat it and make it do everything on earth. :)"

This is a very intelligent thing, up for you dude !

maybe you could build in support for StatusNotifier and Backgrounder.
sort of like give it the funtionality from the G1 so we can switch between apps running in the background quicker and use it as a task manager.
i think its a tops app.

I appreciate the effort.

theres no point in criticizing...more apps=more competion=more ideas=overall better apps, and for 8 hours of coding this looks ok. my personal note to the developer is u need to add more stuff to give this an edge of sbsettings. Also ripdev pusher isnt a bad idea..but kate and installer do need some work b4 i switch away from cydia(and the stuff in it)

ROFL, way to go! Speed-coded ripoff app - truly ripdev's way!
You tempting me to get Installer and install (if it won't crash and kill my iphone, of course) this piece of ripdev just to see it in action and laugh.

I think this is a great app, but should also have the ability to change the screen brightness as well as turn off SSH.

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