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Pusher 2.2.1

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Today we have released Pusher 2.2.1 - first solution that unlocks the filesystem of your iPhone (both 2G and 3G) and puts Installer.app and a bunch of other goodies (namely, bits of Kate that are made free for you guys) on your phone.

For 2G phones, it will also activate them, if needed. SIM unlock is not performed, so if you own a operator-locked 3G phone with yellowsn0w, hold off until yellowsn0w is updated.

The tool will contact Ripdev server once for the purpose of generating a free license for the Kate components that get installed during Push process.

Thanks to everyone... Mac OS X version is out now and Windows version is coming really soon (today). Keep an eye on the Pusher homepage.

Installer 4.0

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It's been a while and we're proud to announce the immediate availability of Installer 4.0.

Since its last public beta, it has come underway a significant change -- for starters, we have added Greek, Russian and Ukranian localizations, redone the interface for speed, fixed a bunch of bugs and made it so it can bear the tag "4.0". And yes, we're proud of what we have done -- largely with your feedback.

This doesn't ends the evolution of Installer -- actually, this actually begins the road of improvements we have planned, so... stay tuned.

PS While we're at it, check out a free tool for Mac OS X and MS Windows called JuiceDrop that we released a while ago. It allows you to quickly upload files to the iPhone via USB cable by just dragging and dropping.