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In the process of working on InstallerApp, we have extensively investigated how the technology behind Cydia works. Essentially, Cydia is a front-end to two open source technologies - APT and DPKG. DPKG is a system that installs and removes specially prepared packages (.deb files). APT allows these files to be organized in network "repositories" to be indexed and downloaded. Due to the highly unoptimal build of DPKG (as Jay Freeman, the author of Cydia, admits it in his article about Cydia) we had to compile DPKG and the tools needed from scratch. As a result, the same set of tools take only a little over than 1 megabyte as opposed to 32 installed by Cydia.

While testing Cydia support for InstallerApp, we of course had to use Jay's creation a lot. And unfortunately it felt slow, and overloaded. We thought, well, why not make our own front-end to DPKG? It would be compatible with Cydia, but be focused on speed, elegance and be very, very thin. So one of our programmers sat down and made up in a week a new alternative installer that we are proud to reveal to you today, named Icy.

IcyIcy 1.0 is pretty simple, and we plan on keeping it that way. It will only refresh repositories when you tell it to, and will not scroll pages of cool looking terminal text when installing or removing a package. Instead, it presents the installation process in a friendly and cool manner - enhanced with crisp black and white interface featuring icons by quite famous artist Max Rudberg. Icy uses the same DPKG that Cydia does, but without APT that handles downloading of repository indeces and packages - we chose to use a combination of libcurl and sqlite for that.

Icy only downloads headers when refreshing repositories, so it won't download again the indeces that were not changed - this saves on your traffic and makes the refreshes faster. It will pick up existing Cydia repositories and also will allow you to add more through its Add Source interface.

When we saw that Apple is moving towards supporting landscape mode more in the upcoming 3.0 firmware, we thought - hey, landscape is useful when browsing, too! So Icy supports landscape as well.

Icy will always remain free. Despite what some people may think, we are not blind and we see what tremendious job Jay (saurik) Freeman and community source repository owners (such as The Big Boss, Fabiano Confuorto and others) have done over the past year - and this is our way to say "thank you" to them. We hope you will enjoy the "new kid on the block" - and we have extensive plans on enhancing it in the future versions - for example, 1.1 will have, among other things, a dependency graph for the packages.


This being said, we will be slowly phasing out support of Installer 4 in favor of Icy and soon-to-be-announced Installer 5. Since we're a commercial entity with over 10 people in staff, we have the dedication and resources to make sure Icy and Installer exist and grow peacefully together with Cydia.

Send in the feedback - it will define what will be added to Icy in the near future.

To install Icy, proceed to its homepage: http://ripdev.com/icy/

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Just tested it, it's THE BEST!!

This is the best thing this month. Thank you again RipDev..!

Very nice App, thanks for creating!!!
The performance is great compared to Cydia, e.g it takes 40-50seconds to launch, and icy works just after a few seconds.
Things that should be added in the next Updates:
An "New Packages" Feautre, where all the new packages are listed.
Package Icons (Cydia displays the Icon of a Package)
Show More Info/Screenshot/Changelog on Install Page.
I mean, if you install a Theme, you want to know how it looks, right? (:
It would also be nice to know, how fast the downloadspeed is, so maybe you should add that too.
Again, thanks for this app!

I like the idea and it do look nice, but everytime I refresh the sources it causes my iPhone to restart.

This might be because of a faulty source (I have at least two which returns error codes), but come on, I don't want a crash because of that.

But, after all, this is the first version and you can't expect too much.

Thanks ;)

great! but i found a bug.. when i go from installed to updated and then return to installed the app make crash the iphone...and the updated part does'nt show my apps updated

It's built on Open Source tools. But is it Open Source itself?

Bug. When I open a folder in categories and then go back I am unable to open another folder, they will only highlight.

There's reports of problems uninstalling this, that it often won't update and some have even seen it freeze or crash. There also reports it is actually slower than Cydia if you have a large number of repos... And to top it off you are, to cut to the chase, screwing the repo owners by not serving up their adverts, as they do in Cydia, which helps to pay for the bandwidth... Still no SWOD seen as yet so in some ways an improvement on Installer4...

Unfortunately the community lost trust in the RipDEV team a long time ago and it doesnt look as though you have really built much back with the release of InstallerApp and Icy.

Would you care to comment on the above points please?

2 studangerous

oh yeah, and there are reports that UFO was recently seen in the Area 51, and some have even seen flying over their heads. Don't trust everything you read on the interwebs, haven't your learned that yet? Of course there are hordes of ripdev haters that will tell you that Icy took their lunch and killed their dog (in addition to screwing up the iPhone and their girlfriend - that they never had, actually). So just stop spreading the FUD and let people try for themselves.

Great app,but Categories is empty, I can only delate sources and installed app's :( Why?

Cannot seem to get it to work, it says mobile substrate is not installed when it is. I've also had it say winterboard is not installed. I've tried rebooting the device but still no good.

One thing to mention is it says winter board with a space when my installed list shows winterboard, no space, this is also true with mobile substrate, but list with space, Icy shows no space.

Any ideas???