Icy 1.1.1

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First things first. When we've started working on Icy two and a half weeks ago, we have never expected this kind of feedback -- and it was totally awesome!

Silly Icy wallpaper by Telman Akavov

In the past week, we have addressed most annoying issues you had with Icy -- and added the most anticipated feature, Recent Packages. With the help of fellow artists around the world, various themes for Icy are appearing in the repositories - so if you don't like the default black&white pure look, go for one of the themes. ;)

Last 3 days, we've been furiously adding the localizations you have sent in -- as Icy is a true iPhone application, it takes full advantage of the iPhone OS features like internationalization -- and as a result, Icy 1.1.1 comes with 15 languages in stock! This is all, of course, thanks to your extremely hard efforts -- we don't speak that many languages.

So now Icy is available in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Greek, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Serbian, Hebrew, Romanian, Serbian and Ukranian languages -- in addition to English, of course. :) To see your native language, make sure it is chosen as a primary language in the Settings > International (well, or replace English.lproj in the Icy.app with the folder of your language, if you must. I didn't tell you that, okay?).

Among other things, we have tweaked the way sources are refreshed, fixed an annoying dependency-related bug when it would complain about missing firmware package, and added little category titles in the Recent Packages screen so it's easier to see what is what:

Icy: Recent packages with categories

We also had some positive praise from the repository owners around the world -- they are happy with the way More Info pages are displayed -- and they say the pages load faster than in Cydia. The ads you see on the More Info pages help repository owners keep their servers up and running -- so give them some support by viewing and clicking on them -- we don't receive a dime from these.

Either way, snag Icy 1.1.1 from apt.ripdev.com and tell us what you think. And we're already working on Icy 1.2, which will bring a few other major features you have asked for.

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