Icy 1.3

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Wolf Demon & Icy Girl
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Yep, as promised, it's time for Icy 1.3. What's new?

  • Package dependencies now can be viewed (as well as whether a particular dependency is installed or not).
  • Sources refresh tab now shows a progress indicator when refresh is in progress.
  • Ability to turn on and off automatic refresh of sources when on Wi-Fi.
  • Much better Unicode handling of repositories; this should resolve most issues for non-English repos.
  • Commercial (Cydia store) packages are given an additional warning in the description.
  • Better handling of Conflicts field.
  • Better handling of poorly made packages.

Next thing coming up is better handling of repository packages that you can install -- they install APT source files that Icy will not use (as it doesn't uses APT, only DPKG) -- so next release of Icy will support these files as well.

Thanks for your support! :)

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