InstallerApp 1.0.2

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We're glad to announce the immediate availability of InstallerApp 1.0.2. We have worked hard to work out most of the minor kinks that have prevented us from doing a major feature update work — so enjoy this version and we'll be focusing on new features for the next update.

What's new?

  • Added iPod touch 1G support (iPod touch 2G is not supported at the moment)
  • Added More Information panel to view additional information about packages
  • Improved processing of packages with dependencies
  • Upgraded device integration module and iPhone support
  • Improved interaction with iTunes
  • Enhanced support for numerous packages
  • Added most popular packages (in terms of user feedback) to the “Featured” category
  • Added YouTube support for “unlocked” iPhones
  • Added tooltips for package status icons
  • Added notification for packages with unknown sources
  • Added new command-line utilities for packages that might require them
  • Added ability to “Force Delete” packages that have dependencies (including “circular” dependencies)
  • Improved package synchronization process
  • Fixed “Recent packages” issue where recent packages would not show
  • Fixed application crash after unexpected device disconnect
  • Fixed error with package refresh after adding or removing sources
  • Fixed issue of recognizing package status after synchronization
  • Number of other minor fixes

Download now or view product info.

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