Common Problems With Installer 4 Repositories

My packages don’t show up!
First of all, make sure that you have placed the packages in the correct folder. The proper location is packages/<Category Name>/ Many of you put the zip file right into the packages/ directory – this won’t work as it has to know the category for it, too. So make sure your, for example, wallpaper, is in packages/Wallpapers/
I get “cannot extract Install.plist” error when running regenerate.php!
Make sure you have compressed your package in a way that all files are contained at the root of the zip archive, and not in a subfolder. This is easily done (on a Mac) by selecting all the individual files that go into package and choosing Compress from the contextual menu, instead of compressing the folder containing your files. This can be checked in by running zipinfo <your zip file>: if you see something like MyPackage/Install.plist in the listing instead of just Install.plist – your package is not compressed correctly.
Errors with DOMDocument->load() not defined.
Currently investigating why this may be happening. If you have an idea, let me know. 🙂