What’s Up?

Rip Dev apologies for being so silent over the past weeks. There are no real excuses, other than being totally swamped with various work on all fronts that we’ve been doing… and hopefully you’ll be able to see them soon.

Now, what’s new?

Installer 4.0b8 is out (it’s been ready for a while and even included in the last PwnageTool but we were holding off to releasing it publically). Among notable features is the switch to libcurl from the stock Foundation URL loading classes, which means more lightweight CPU and memory footprint and, more importantly, resumable file transfers. The new beta also features a plethora of little fixes which we won’t extensively list here. Enjoy. We’ll be pushing out a 4.0 release soonish…

The featured page you see when you launch Installer is actually automatically generated based on the popularity of the packages (based on the number of installations across the board), so it’s nothing like the “old” featured page that listed a set of pre-defined products. It will eventually have some “sponsored” products, but they will be easily distinguishable visually and we’ll try to keep the amount of these to the minimum – no more than 3.

Community Sources are updated as well to reflect the change in the modmyi.com domain name and to remove some outdated sources that shown promise but actually never delivered anything.

Kate update been out for a while, and we’re finally at adding new features to it – so look for a non-bugfix release in the near future.

If you’re a software publisher and would like to be hosted in Installer – please let us know and we’ll do all the work for creating proper install scripts and hosting on our server (which has a few spare terabytes of bandwidth).

Moreover, thank you for staying with us and supporting us along the way – it couldn’t been done without you!

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