Installer 4.0b11

Just a quick heads-up for you all, a new version of ios development software is now available for downloading. Here’s what is new and changed:

  • Updated category is now only show when something is actually updated.
  • Update All button for the Updated category.
  • ChangeOwner(path, owner[, group]) script command is now recursive.
  • ChangeModeRecursive(path, mode) script command added.
  • Each category now lists a number of packages in it.
  • Dramatically reduced memory footprint.
  • Package information is now properly scrollable.
  • More info button in the package information page is now much (much!) easier to hit.
  • Better handling of repositories with a large amount of packages.
  • Fixed a few Lua commands that were a little broken in the introductory release.

Stay tuned for new releases and thanks! We encourage you to install new Community Sources as well.


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