Hood 1.1 Settings

What’s new?

  • EDGE Toggle. Unlike other solutions (actually, all that I’ve seen around), this one disables and enables EDGE without touching the APN settings. For this reason, when you disable EDGE, the “E” icon will still be lit in the status bar (indicating that the network is up) but the respective service will be effectively down. This is much more reliable than before, and is actually the way Apple meant to implement it – the code hidden inside Preferences.app does the same.
  • Settings. Now you can access settings of Hood inside of Settings > RiP Dev > Hood preference pane. Very easy and convenient.
  • Process List. This feature is turned off by default, but you can enable it in the Settings. Hood will show a list of processes running on your iPhone, with the ability to quickly kill any of them by sliding your finger across the process name (much like you delete stuff in any table form on the iPhone). Be careful and don’t kill stuff that you don’t know, especially owned by root – or you may end up rebooting your iPhone!
  • Assignable Buttons. Remember these four button slots on top? Well, instead of creating a mess by stacking 16 icons each doing something next to each other, we are letting you choose which 4 options you want. Later on, when more toggles are added in (VPN and SSH are next in line, by the way), you will have a wider selection. Assignable in Settings, as well.
  • Really Quits Processes now. Version 1.0 only emulated the Home button press when you were hitting the Quit Application button. Which means – Safari, Mail.app and others were not completely closed (this is the same for most “other” managers too). Now the applications are properly killed and the memory is instantly released – as you can see on the pie chart.
  • New Icons. Thrasos Varnava did us a big favor and made up new and improved icons for the toggles. Thank you!
  • Bug fixes. Fixed a bug with Hood staying open when you lock the device with it open (or it auto-locks). Also fixed a few other cosmetic bugs.
  • Still free! Hood was and will remain free and lightweight tool, thanks to your comments, support and suggestions.