Kate 2.1

Finally, an update to our collection of subscription-based set of the best ios development tools enhancing your iPhone experience, is out. Meet Kate 2.1.

This time it features 2 completely new modules, one module returns from suspense and another one gets a nifty little feature.

First of all, new module SMS Extras will allow you to delete individual SMS messages by just sliding your finger across them – just like you’d expect. It will also display a handy symbol / messages counter for long SMS messages so you know how many will be sent out.

kate 2.1

sms counter

Second, Phone Extras will allow you to replace your Voice Mail button with an additional customizable menu so you can check your balance, or call your fiancee with just two taps.

Third, EQ (equalizer) module is back on the firmware 2.x. Many have missed it, so we took some additional engineering to bring it back. Enjoy.

And last but not least, FaceLift now allows you to quickly customize the “slide to unlock” slider text. Quick’n’easy.

The update is of course free for all current subscribers… and if you’re not a subscriber, you can always get a trial version. 🙂

Thanks… we have more in the works, just figured we’ll release some of the completed work to not keep you waiting for too long.

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