Localizing Icy, Issues and more

As promised, here is the localization file containing strings that need to be translated to make Icy speak your native language.

Translating is fairly easy — open the file in your favorite text editor that can handle Unicode, and then translate all the pairs of strings — leave the left side intact, and translate the right side. Make sure it all stays in the quotes, like this:
“Hello” = “Aloha”;
Then save the file and mail it to us at ripdev@me.com – and we’ll try our best to include your language in the next minor update, which will follow fairly soon.
Update: German, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Swedish translations were submitted already – thanks guys!
Icy Won’t Launch
If Icy is refusing to launch, then it will be extremely helpful if you could send us some crash logs — these usually live in the /var/logs/CrashReporter/Icy…crash files on the iPhone or ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<your device name>/Icy…crash on a Mac OS X (after the synchronization with the phone). We’ll see what is causing this.
Ripdev Are Stealing Repo Owners Money?
There was a point running across certain community threads regarding Icy that by excluding the “depiction” and “more info” pages Ripdev is stealing money away from the repository owners. We’d like to clarify that in fact, we are not making any money off Icy — there is no ads that run in it, and the whole point of the project is to provide a faster and lighter alternative to Cydia.
We all know that the competition boosts productivity and enhances products. In this case, as Icy and Cydia are inevitably going to compete in one way or another, this will tremendously benefit us, the end users.
As for the repository owners, some of them were upset with Icy 1.0 not even giving a chance for their information pages to show — so this is why we have worked closely with The Big Boss and Fabiano Confuorto to work out a solution that makes the repository owners satisfied without slowing down the application down to the snail speeds. As a result, you can see a blue arrow button next to the package name that will lead you to the repository information page containing download stats, screenshots, and banners to support the repository. We encourage you to click on these often if you’d like to help repo maintainers.
And please, please remember — this is not an evil plan to screw everyone, nor a holy crusade against repository owners — we are, truly honestly just want to make your life a little bit brighter and easier. The positive feedback we receive every day helps us going and makes us sure we are moving in the right direction. So if you like or don’t like something — speak out, you will be heard.