Rise and Shine

We are excited to announce that most of our products (namely Kate, Russian Project, i2Reader, Greek Project, Hood and iPref) are now available in our APT repository for Cydia/Icy. Give ’em a try if you didn’t yet. 🙂

Also, to celebrate the mark of 200,000 sold copies of our software, we are permanently dropping down the prices on selected products:
  • Kate is now being offered in 6 month subscription and Unlimited variants:
    • 6 months subscription: $20 → $10
    • Unlimited edition: $45 → $25
  • Russian Project: $21 → $15
  • i2Reader Pro: $35 → $25

We are already working on Kate for 3.0, and i2Reader went through some major rewrites to soon shine with more formats support as well as an improved FB2 parser.

We believe this marks the beginning of the new era for Ripdev as a team. Over the past year we have grown from 4 to 15 people, and are successfully developing our own solutions as well as doing some offshore development. Our software protection system Kali AP still holds the ranks of the most advanced anti-piracy solution on the market, and our free products Installer and Icy serve millions of people around the world.
This all, of course, couldn’t happen without your support… so we’d like to take an opportunity and say “thank you” to everyone who supported us on the way. You rock.