The Game of Fame

Recently, one of the hackers that is working on the ios software development has been stormed by a huge success by someone named phoenix3200 — he managed to make a license generator for a product named QuickSMS made by a Russian team iSoftRU. Things like that happen all the time, and it wouldn’t be noteworthy at all, except for one thing — the hacker, in search for his minute of fame, has stated that he defeated a Kali protected product, while in reality, it wasn’t even remotely used there. Oops.

What can we say, everyone wants a little respect and recognition — and certainly there would be a case for that if he really had defeated our protection. It’s not unbreakable, but it should be quite a challenge… so before claiming you’ve beaten Kali, get your facts straight first — the fact the QuickSMS developers are Russian doesn’t mean they are Ripdev or using our tools.

Enough ranting, back to the Icy update work for now.

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