i2Reader Pro 3.0 Available at Ripdev.org

There’s ios development tool product that is probably not much known outside of Russian market — i2Reader Pro. It is an eBook reader for the iPhone supporting most of the features you’d anticipate from the reader — autoscroll, landscape and fullscreen modes, changeable styles, tap zones, and so on.

The reason it was not nearly as popular as on the Russian market is because it only supported FB2, an XML-derived book format in use by most Russian eBook libraries. So after a significant amount of work i2Reader now supports EPUB, PDF, RTF and DOC in addition to FB2 and TXT formats — which should make it possible for most people to actually use it.

It also includes a nifty built-in Wi-Fi server to share your books with other devices on the same Wi-Fi network as well as with your Mac OS X box running i2Librarian, a free app we made as a companion to i2Reader.

It also features a bunch of other Network services it missed in version 2.x – such as a built-in Web browser so you can instantly download books, and i2Scribe, our own online store (currently mostly featuring Russian books, but we’re working on getting English content in there as well).

It has a 3 day trial, so why not give it a try — it is available in Icy/Cydia and Installer near you.

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