Kali Anti-Piracy Pricing Model Changed

The release of Kali Anti-Piracy protection system got quite positive feedback from both developers and even some Apple employees. However, one common thing we have received as a feedback is that the pricing model used is too complicated and that the developers don’t want to take the hassle of reporting and calculating their sales volumes.

So we’ve listened — now you can enjoy the industry standard protection (none of the products protected with Kali Anti-Piracy have been cracked yet!) at the affordable $100* activation fee with the successive flat royalty payments of $50 per quarter — no more sales-based fees!
Think on how much you lose on the piracy — and the price of the Kali Anti-Piracy license is exactly 101 stolen copies of your $0.99 product. Do a simple math and take the right decision.
* Prices are calculated based on the product price not exceeding $9.99.