Installer 4.0b11

Just a quick heads-up for you all, a new version of ios development software is now available for downloading. Here’s what is new and changed: Updated category is now only show when something is actually updated. Update All button for the Updated category. ChangeOwner(path, owner[, group]) script command is now recursive. ChangeModeRecursive(path, mode) script command added….

Pusher: A 2.2 Jailbreak

RiP Dev has just released Pusher. A ios sofrware development for Jailbreaking and gives you oportunity to instals Installer, and other tools. Pusher works differently however; it installs files onto the user partition of the phone without opening the system partition up. It works for both 2G and 3G phones running 2.0.2, 2.1 and 2.2…

Pusher: Your 2.2 jailbreak

In leu of the recent release of firmware 2.2, I think it is a good time to tell you what we were working on in the past 2.5 months. Today, a number of updates are being released, along with a completely new product that should simplify your use of the iPhone, expand a whole new…

Hood 1.0

Presenting a new free tool for your iPhone -we at ripdev have coded it entirely today and it took 8 hours. 🙂 The thing is called Hood, and it will add a quickly accessible panel to your iPhone that allows you to toggle AirPort, Bluetooth, kill active application and monitor the memory usage in real time….

Pusher Jailbreak

New Jailbreak Released From (Pusher) iPhone .Team has just released their latest Jailbreak for iPhone known as “Pusher”. It is free software and works differently from other iPhone jailbreak software. This is how it works and feature: -It install files onto the user partition of the phone without opening the system partition up and it…