InstallerApp 1.0.2


We’re glad to announce the best ios development tools that are immediate available for download, InstallerApp 1.0.2. We have worked hard to work out most of the minor kinks that have prevented us from doing a major feature update work — so enjoy this version and we’ll be focusing on new features for the next update.

What’s new?

  • Added iPod touch 1G support (iPod touch 2G is not supported at the moment)
  • Added More Information panel to view additional information about packages
  • Improved processing of packages with dependencies
  • Upgraded device integration module and iPhone support
  • Improved interaction with iTunes
  • Enhanced support for numerous packages
  • Added most popular packages (in terms of user feedback) to the “Featured” category
  • Added YouTube support for “unlocked” iPhones
  • Added tooltips for package status icons
  • Added notification for packages with unknown sources
  • Added new command-line utilities for packages that might require them
  • Added ability to “Force Delete” packages that have dependencies (including “circular” dependencies)
  • Improved package synchronization process
  • Fixed “Recent packages” issue where recent packages would not show
  • Fixed application crash after unexpected device disconnect
  • Fixed error with package refresh after adding or removing sources
  • Fixed issue of recognizing package status after synchronization
  • Number of other minor fixesDownload now or view product info.

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